Cultural and Environmental Consulting

Anza Resource Consultants provide cultural and environmental consultation to lead agencies and applicants. For lead agencies, Anza’s leadership has experience conducting third party review of applicant-provided studies; assisting agencies with Native American scoping and consultation as required by Assembly Bill 52 of 2014 and Senate Bill 18 of 2004; conducting cultural resources studies; and preparing sections of environmental documents such as initial study/mitigated negative declarations (IS/MNDs), environmental impact reports (EIRs), environmental assessments (EAs), environmental impact statements (EISs), and joint documents such as EIR/EISs.

For applicants, Anza understands what a developer needs from a due diligence study, how the results of a cultural resources survey can impact the development opportunities of a given property, and how to assist these clients through the regulatory process as well as options regarding the potential for avoidance or treatment of known cultural resources. Like agencies, land developers may also need assistance with Native American consultation if resources important to Native Americans are identified or a project area is considered sensitive. Anza recognizes our role as consultants and helps these clients defensibly comply with laws, ordinances, regulations, and mitigation measures as efficiently as possible. Sometimes this involves the identification of the best long-term solution and the ability to help our clients understand the options and their associated costs and timelines.